Sling Meet/Library dates

We are currently holding our library sessions at The Font in Chorlton, fortnightly on wednesday mornings 9.30-11.30 – see below for actual dates.

Upcoming 2020 dates:

February 12th and 26th

March 11th and 25th

April 8th and 22nd

Dates are subject to change or cancellation in case of illness for example, so please always check the facebook page on the day for confirmation 🙂

I’m coming to get some advice or hire a sling. What do I need to know?

  • I will talk you through various options but please feel free to do some research or suggest something to me as it’s often quicker and you are more likely to use a carrier that you also like! (You can see what we stock here.)
  • Bring cash if you would like to hire something – see details of the costs of hire here
  • If you are returning a sling please try and do so at the beginning of the session so it is available for someone else to hire.
  • Please make yourself at home when coming to the sling library. There will be changing facilities available and you are welcome to feed your baby anywhere you need to. Get a drink and chat to other mums!
  • You can find a full list of available carriers here.


3 thoughts on “Sling Meet/Library dates

  1. Hello. I am due to give birth mid-late Nov (probably by c section). Will there be another sling meet before Xmas? I am keen to try out a few to see which work best while I am recovering from the op. Thanks. Lois.


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