Full Consultation

When you’re ready, book your Full Consultation..

Full Consultation

1 Hour – £20

Available Wednesday & Thursday, plus evenings Monday, Tuesday & Friday
  • Covers safe babywearing
  • Try 3 different slings

If you don’t know where to start then the Full Consultation gives us time to explore more options.

I will demonstrate at least 3 different slings which are most suitable for your requirements. This can include slings that you own, or library slings.

Prior to the consultation I will arrange for you to collect 3 slings from me. These will have been selected following a pre-assessment of your needs and based on your answers to the questions asked at the time of booking your appointment.

I will demo and you will be able to try at least 2 or possibly 3 and ask any questions. Trying the slings on yourself with your baby takes a lot more time than me doing a demo, hence you may only have time to try on 2 yourself, but you will have the 3rd to practice with after the call. 

You can then return the slings you do not want to hire the following day.

This consult could also be used if you would like an introduction to woven wraps. If you already use woven wraps for front and hip carries and would like to learn how to back carry with your woven wrap, then we can also use this session to learn this new skill.

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