Welcome to Chorlton Sling & Social!

Chorlton Sling and Social is a sling library and meet, based in Chorlton, Manchester for new and experienced baby wearers alike. The group was originally intended to be a social meet for mums interested in using stretchy and woven wraps to carry their babies. Chorlton Sling & Social started in April 2015 and became a sling library later that year. I became a Born to Carry Peer supporter in October 2015 and then my own interest in the benefits of baby wearing and realising there was so much more to learn, lead me to complete the Slingababy Babywearing Consultancy course in October 2016. The library is now co-run with me by Ruth who also became a Slingababy certified Baby wearing consultant in November 2019.

There were many reasons I became ‘a baby wearer’, frustration with the limitations of prams in small local coffee shops and ‘off road’ situations, those inevitable periods when baby won’t be put down, teething, separation anxiety, just needing to get things done. It was practicality that lead me to baby wearing but I have since discovered the enjoyment to be had from interacting with your baby at eye level, sharing their experience of the world, and of course, those lovely slingy snuggles. I started wearing my own daughter Bea soon after her birth in July 2014, first in an Ergo360, then a stretchy wrap and moved onto woven wraps when she was around 6 months. At 5 and a half she only very occasionally requests a quick sling cuddle on Daddy’s back and her younger sister Cora is my main sling squeeze at almost 3.

It can be bewildering when you want to carry your baby but don’t know where to start, and as they get bigger you may still want to carry them, but sometimes they seem too heavy or nosy for the stretchy. I aim to help mums (and other care givers,) find out which sling suits them best and will allow them to carry their baby and keep carrying your older baby, toddler and even pre-schooler, for as long as you both find it beneficial.

While the website is developed further, please find out more on our Chorlton Sling & Social Facebook page and we also have a Facebook chatter group where we post information, interesting articles and chat in general about slings and things!

Please do come to the meet and say hello – we would love to help you find the right carrier for you and your baby. You can find out when and where here.

See you there!


One thought on “Home

  1. Hi; I want to carry my baby on the sling and I do not confident to use it. I searched in the internet and find thys group us near my house but I don’t know when and what time it opens. Could you know the time and date for the sling group please? Many thanks


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